Rapid Response at Bay View Pediatric Dentistry

Accidents and dental emergencies can strike at any moment, especially with active children. Dr. Paul Cantelmi and the dedicated team at Bay View Pediatric Dentistry are primed and ready to provide swift and effective assistance in such critical situations. They understand the importance of timely intervention, whether it’s an unforeseen accident or a sports-related injury. By communicating any potential risks, hobbies, or sports activities your child engages in, the team can equip you with the knowledge and gear needed to ensure your child’s safety.

In the event of an emergency, it’s imperative to have Bay View Pediatric Dentistry’s contact number readily available. A prompt call to their office can be the decisive factor in saving a tooth. If your child loses a permanent tooth, keeping it moist is crucial. Attempt to reposition it back into the socket if feasible, or store it between the cheek and gums. If neither is possible, placing it in milk can significantly increase the chances of successful reattachment.

Should a tooth become cracked or if your child experiences a tongue or lip injury, immediate rinsing with warm water and applying a cold compress can help alleviate swelling. For objects lodged in the mouth or between teeth, gentle flossing can safely remove debris. It’s crucial to emphasize the avoidance of aspirin on teeth or gums, and to refrain from using sharp objects on teeth. By encouraging the use of a mouthguard during physical activities and discouraging the chewing of tough foods, such as ice or hard candies, you can significantly reduce the risk of dental emergencies. Dr. Cantelmi and his team stand ready to guide you through any unforeseen dental crises, ensuring the well-being and comfort of your child.

What do I do if my child loses a tooth?
In an emergency, contact our office right away. If your child loses a permanent tooth, try to keep it moist while you get to the dentist. You can try placing it back into the socket if that is not painful, or between the cheek and gums. If that is not possible, placing it in milk can significantly improve the chances of saving the tooth.

What do I do if my child cracks a tooth?
If your child cracks a tooth or bites his or her tongue or lip, rinse with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling. For toothaches or objects stuck in the mouth or between teeth, gently floss to clean the area and remove any debris. Do not put aspirin on the teeth or gums, and never use a sharp object on teeth.

Having your child wear a mouthguard during physical activity will help protect his or her teeth. By encouraging your child to avoid chewing on tough foods like ice, popcorn kernels, or hard candy, you can greatly reduce the chances of him or her cracking a tooth. Combined with these preventive efforts and refraining from cutting or tearing objects with his or her teeth, you can minimize the risk of a dental emergency.

If your child has a dental emergency, contact us today at (718) 836-9200.

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